1) 1987-1988
The research paper presented at the International Yoga Conference, Lonawala, 1984 was included in the booklet published to present select few research papers presented in the yoga conferences. The topic of our research paper was
'Effect of yogic practices performed in a state of meditation on adolescent anxiety and certain personality variables'

2) 1988-1989
Like every year Vyasapoornima festival and 'National Youth Day' were celebrated with enthusiasm and on a grand scale. The book 'Sankalpapoorticha Rajmarg' (a Way to Satisfy All Your Wishes and Desires) written by Dr Samprasad Vinod and published by Dr. Rujuta Vinod was inaugurated by the chief guest Dr. P C Shejwalkar who was also the main speaker for Goorupournima.

'Message of Yoga' of 25 minutes duration filmed by the 'Profile' of Colonel Samartha has been prepared to have brief but impressive introduction of the MVRF.


The following research papers were published in the internationally reputed research journal 'Yoga Mimansa' volume number 2 & 3, July October 1991.

1) A review of Laboratory Tools used in the studies on Brain Laterality
2) Evaluation of the effect of Yoga on Anxiety in Youth, in relation to anxiety inducing areas of life
Writers: Dr. S D Vinod, Dr. Mrs. R S Vinod, Dr. Usha Khire.
3) Effect of Yoga on Positive Approach Towards Life
Writers: Dr. S D Vinod, Dr. Mrs. R S Vinod and Mrs. M Rajguru


Mr.Prasad Shirgaonkar who is a student of 'Advanced Yoga Course' published a book ''Vivahveda' written by Dr. Mrs. Rujuta Vinod. The inauguration of the publication took place on Mar 09, 1996 at Shanti Mandir. Dignitaries like Dr. Ashok Nirfarake, Dr. Milind Watave, Hon. Yashawantrao Lele were present during the Panel Discussion organized at that time. the complete programme was well received by the audience.    

In daily 'Sakal' on Jul 26, 1996 in the series 'Anantateche Pravasee' (The Voyagers of Infinity) written by Dr. P. N. Joshi an article 'Anantateche Pravasee- Maharshi Vinod' was published. An article written by Ajay Pratap Singh on Maharshi Vinod got published in 'The Times of India' Pune Plus


On Aug 20, 2000, in Ravivar Sakal, in the section Pustak Parichay (Introduction to a Book) a review of the book 'Spandan' (Pulse) under the heading 'Useful for Parents'  written by Dr. Ulhas Luktuke who is a well-known psychiatrist from Pune got published.


An inauguration of the new book 'Antarpat' written by Dr. Mrs. Rujuta Vinod took place at Shati Mandir on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankrant on Jan 14, 2001. There was a panel discussion on the topic 'Jodidarachi Badalati Swapne' (Changing Dreams About the Life Partner) In which main speakers were Dr. Ulhas Luktuke and Shobhatai Bhagwat. The show was compered by Sudhir Gadgil. This programme became very interesting because of tremendous response of the audience from young to old, expert compering by Sudhir Gadgil and opinions expressed by experienced, scholarly and learned critics like Dr. Luktuke and Bhagawat on changing dreams about the life partner.

Yoga Conference Kaivalyadhama Lonavala
In the Souvenir brought out after this conference the article 'Yoga the Basis of Morality' and Dr. Samprasad Vinod's photograph got published.


A long interview of Dr. Samprasad Vinod was published by Loksatta in its issue of Feb 14, 2002 on the eve of forthcoming publication of book 'Nine Secrets of Successful Meditation' written by Dr. Samprasad Vinod.

The Dr. Samprasad Vinod was interviewed by the Managing Editor Nilesh Mahajan and sub editor K D Sardeshmukh on Apr 17, 2002, on the topic Importance of Meditation in Student's Life for the May issue of 'Shikshankranti' a novel magazine in the field of education.
In this interview, which got published in the May issue, Dr Vinod has extensively dealt with the topics like what is meditation, need of meditation in education, the importance of meditation in student's life, success, personality development, the relation between meditation and study.

In the June issue of 'Yoga and Life', an international magazine on yoga and related matters, under the heading 'The Inner Path to True Peace' a book review of Dr Vinod's book 'Nine Secrets of Successful Meditation' got published. A photograph of front page of this book also got published.

The news of publication of this book has already appeared in Loksatta dated Feb 14, 2002, under the heading ' Satisfaction of communicating Principles of Indian Philosophy to Westerners.

Event Belfast Telegraph Alf Mc Creary Religion Correspondent of Belfast Times
Alf Mc Creary included 'Nine Secrets of Successful Meditation' a book written by the Dr. Samprasad Vinod in the list of books published in 2002 and liked by him.


In April 2003, a book 'Nine Secrets of Successful Meditation' written by Dr. Samprasad Vinod was published all over the world at the same time. The preface of this English book based on Patanjal Yogadarshan which is a inseparable part of rich Indian tradition is written by Howard Kent who is a director of Yoga for Health Foundation UK and David Frawle alias Wamdeo Shastri who is an expert of international reputation on Indian Philosophy, Ayurveda and Yoga. This book is being published by Watkins Publication a publication house having international standing and history of 106 years. The book which is 184 pages long is priced at 14.95 US dollars.

Mr. Dileep Bhatlawande, Head, Ashang Yoga Kendra Latur wrote a book 'Adnyanache Shodartha Yoga' (Yoga to Discover Unknown ).
The book's inauguration was done by Dr. Vinod. The program which was attended by 500-600 people was presided over by Dr. Chandorkar, Dean, MIT.    


In the supplement 'Pune Vruttant' of daily Loksatta dated 20th May, an article 'Shikavalelya Yogacha Khoop Changala Upyog' (Yoga Taught Put to Good Use) by Dr. Vinod has appeared. The article was accompanied with a photograph showing Dr. Vinod teaching Yogasanas to Anna Hazare. In this article, Anna Hazare described his own experience of  Yoga therapy as well as narrated importance of regular practice of yoga and motive behind establishing MVRF as told to him by the Dr. Samprasad Vinod


Name of the Teacher/ Author : Dr. Samprasad Vinod
Titles of the books/ Monographs: Third Addition of the book: 'Yoga Aani Maan'
Place and Name of Publisher : Anamol Prakashan Pune,
20th July 2005

Name of the Teacher/ Author: Late Maharshi Nyayaratna Vinod
Titles of the books/ Monographs: Some paragraphs from the Book, "Dhawalgiri" published in
1.Addhyatmashastra-Part 1A(Dharma)
2. Part 1B(Addhyatma)
3.Part 6(Naamkirtan va mantrayoga) Sanatan Sanstha,August 2005


On Jul 08,2009, Dainik Lokmat published a laudatory article written by Dr. K H Sancheti on Dr. Samprasad Vinod on the occasion of his 60th birthday. This article was very well received and many people called MVRF and congratulated Dr. Vinod.