His family

His family

Wife - Dr Rujuta

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Dr. Samprasad and Dr. Rujuta ( previously Dr. Pratibha Deodhar) got married in 1981.

Elder son -


They have their first son Samamvay, who is now 28 years and has Down's syndrome.

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He plays tabala and assists in day to day managerial work at their clinic.

Second son - Sanatan


Vinods are blessed with second son Sanatan, who has completed Advanced Diploma in Accountancy in Melbourne, Australia.

He has completed his 23. Sanatan is interested in playing cricket and had been to UK and Scotland for under 19 cricket tournaments.


He is at present completing his graduation in commerce in India and works on websites related to cricket - www.betweenovers.com
He is also into content management of several websites...writes blogs etc.

Dr. Rujuta has authored two books on her life journey with her beloved sons in Marathi "Eka Kalichi Nigarani" and "Spandan".