My family

My family:

Special Features about my parents:

My parents live in Pune. I am the eldest. We were a small close knit family when we were young. My parents are simple people with virtues like honesty, sense of justice, hard work. They also have sincerity, punctuality, a straightforward and forthright behavior. My mother is a housewife. My father is known for his perfectionism. He encouraged me to achieve academic excellence & instilled in me ethics of professional life. Both of my brothers are self-made, self-respecting successful men. They chose wives who complement them in their ventures. Both enjoy their parenthood. All of us have honor for labor & have intuitive wisdom.

My married life:

I am happily married since 1981. We are blessed with two sons. Our elder son is Samanvay. He is a loving caring self-appointed manager. He is now 25 years old. Our youngest son is Sanatan. He is now 20 years old. He is studying in Melbourne. Samprasad is a wonderful caring father.
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We live at Shanti-Mandir, which is built by my Father and mother-in- law in 1963.
it has a spiritually vibrant atmosphere.
We live and work here.
We have a big Meditation Hall, three consulting rooms, and a two storied house.
Shanti-Mandir has a lush green surrounding having rich variety of birds and butterflies and seasonal flowers in bloom.
Shanti-Mandir in spite of being in the heart of the Pune city is a quiet cool place.

We have our Ashram near Alibaug, four hours distance from Pune. It is a birthplace of my father-in-law and is situated at the feet of a mountain. We have a home there and a Meditation Hall. The whole place has a unique charged atmosphere. It comes in the Evergreen forest of Western Ghat zone which is has a rich biodiversity.