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Published Research Articles
(Research Papers, reports - 12)
The number of projects completed by the researcher so far (12)

Research done at Maharshi Vinod Research Foundation, Pune
(1) Effect of Yogic Practices performed in a state of meditation on adolescent anxiety and certain personality variables, 1984.
(2) Effect of training in Ashtanga Yoga on anxiety and motivation in youth 1985-86.
(3) Effect of training in Ashtanga Yoga on attention, numerical memory, concentration and reaction time in youth, 1986.
(4) Effect of training in Ashtanga Yoga on creativity, value system, Alpha rhythm and visual evoke potential (V. E. P.) in youth, 1987.
(5) Effect of advanced training in Yogic philosophy, various techniques in meditation on group level and stress management, from 1987 to 1994.

Research done at Jnana Prabodhini's Institute of Psychology, Pune
(1) A review of lab. tools used in the studies of Brain Laterality, 1991.
(2) Exploration into the relationship between extreme hemispheric dominance of gifted students and hemispheric dominance of their parents.
(3) Brain Preference of the Gifted, 1989.
4) To study the effect of training in " Whole Brain Utilization "
(5) Survey of leadership potential in the gifted students, 1993.
6) Exploration into the brain preference of the adolescent girl students in relation to giftedness and behavioural intelligence.
Research done at Garware Balbhavan, Pune
1) Follow - up of the work done by the "Garware Balbhavan, Pune " in the field of non - formal child education, parent ducation and teacher's training for last ten years.(1995).
Research projects currently 'being conducted' by me at MVRF: (Three)
1) Cumulative retrograde study of the various intellectual and personality factors in youth along with a few biophysical parameters over the period of 1984 to 1997.
2) Cumulative retrograde study of the patients of Dr. Vinod Yoga Clinic suffering from psychosomatic illnesses since 1977.
3) To compile and categorize unpublished writings by Maharshi Vinod happened in State of TOORIYA. : I have completed this project.