My work with patients

Director of Dr. Vinod Yoga Clinic: ( since 1984 till 2000)

1) I helped patients with yoga therapy for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from various psychosomatic illnesses, such as

Essential Hypertension,
Bronchial Asthma,
Functional Headache,
Maturity Onset Diabetes Mellitus,
Premenstrual Syndrome,
Perimenopausal Syndrome,
Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding,
Acid Peptic Disease,
Functional body ache,
Functional Backache,
Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

2) I also helped patients suffering from other diseases and conditions/states like:

Coronary Artery Disease, ...Life Style Modification
Post Angioplasty patients,....Life Style Modification
Post Bypass patients,....Life Style Modification
Post operative Malignancy patients,......Stress Management
Post Hemiplegic and Hemiparasis patients,...Rehabilitation
Cervical Spondylosis,
Lumber Spondylosis,
Anxiety Neurosis,
Anxiety Depression,
Cardiac Phobia
3) other special courses:
Conducted special courses for Antenatal Relaxation.
I did counseling to would be mothers for pre-marital, post marital, menopausal problems
I counseled youth for the anxiety neurosis developed due to stress in the academic career.
I did family counseling for the parents of Mentally Handicapped persons at Dr. Vinod Yoga clinic as well as Nigarani clinic at Sanjeevan Hospital, Pune.