On Feb 02, 199,  Dr. Swami Prem Amruto, Osho Commune International and Dr. David Fraule USA, delivered speeches on 'Yoga Therapy'. In a programme organized by Dhootpapeshwar Ayurvedic Trust, Dr David Fraule was felicitated by Dr.Samprasad Vinod for popularizing Yoga and Ayurveda abroad.

Dr. Pandit Vidyasagar who is a member of a research committee of the MVRF recently wrote a book 'Vaidyakiya Upkarane' (Medical Instruments) whose publication ceremony was held on Sept 30, 1995 at Maratha Chamber of Commerce. In the meeting of founder members he was heartily congratulated for his accomplishment.

President and the Managing Director of Thermax Mr. Rohington Aga who passed away on Feb 16, 1995 was a advisor, well-wisher and donator of the MVRF. In a specially convened meeting, homage was paid to the departed soul.